My Rachel

I feel like I don't post enough about my First Born!! The only thing I usually post about her is how bad she is. Honestly, I am hoping that it is the age. Two is just hard. I hear that three is even worse but I refuse to believe that!!! Rachel is not a bad kiddo. She is just challenging at times. She is loving and very sweet. She loves her baby sister and is very very smart!!! She must have gotten that from her daddy! =) She has trouble sharing sometimes but plays well with others for the most part. She is my first born baby and I love her with all my heart...and MORE!!!

Here are some pictures I took of her yesterday.



PrairieBren said…
Adorable pics! :)

Just stopping by to welcome you to the BlogFrog. I look forward to getting to know you better!

Brandie said…
Cute kiddos! Parenting is so hard! It gets better as they get older. Just stopping by to welcome you to blog frog as well. Hope you like it!!
Lainey-Paney said…
Oh, very cute!!!!

Lucy and Ethel said…
Beautiful pictures! Two is hard, but it will pass quickly! I just sent my second son off to college and I can't believe he's not still that little 2-year-old stinker :) Welcome to BlogFrog!

Jenny said…
Hey there- I'm one of the Blog Frog community leaders and I wanted to welcome you to the group. Your girls are so beautiful! I'm a mommy of 7 with #8 on the way- my last four have been boys, so we're excited to possibly have a little girl again! I'll be back to visit again soon ;-)
Unknown said…
I didn't know that so many people would visit my page as a result of Blog Frog. I just thought it was a neat thing to see who visits your page. Cool.
Tara said…
I, too, am stopping by as a fellow Blog Frog Community Leader. Welcome! You have a beautiful family. My son is almost 19 months old and I'm hopeful the 2s and 3s really aren't as bad as people say they are.

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