Baby Showers

Okay, so at Kelly's Korner she has been doing a series each Friday for months now and I have wanted to join in but didn't really know how. Well, I still really don't but want to try it out. This week the theme is baby showers. I have helped with a few in the past few years especially since nearly every lady in our Sunday school class has had a baby in the last year and a half! We do all of our showers at the church. When I started going to this church the norm was to have a big shower for 1st babies and then a diapers/wipes shower for babies thereafter but we have recently started doing baby showers for all babies. Not sure if this will continue if we will start a new tradition soon after all of the "current" babies are born. Here are pictures from showers that I have attended/hosted:

This one is actually not one from our church. It was my cousin's and there wasn't really a theme but this cake was adorable. I ordered it from a bakery that I love but is a little drive from my house. This was the design on Tonya's baby bedding. I love the way the cake turned out!

Here are a couple of my favorite shower themes that we have done...

Candace's Shower

This shower was musical themed because Candace named her little girl Cadence and because Candace is so musical. We had a soda fountain where we made root beer floats. It was so much fun!!

Krista's Shower

This shower was special to me for a couple of reasons. First, Krista is my best friend and I love her kids like my own. Second, Lauren was only a month old and I was so excited to be out with and about with my friends!! Her shower was movie themed and was adorable!!

And last, here was my shower when I was pregnant with Lauren...polka dot themed.

And...just a side note about me and baby showers....when I was pregnant with Rachel we had my baby shower on Sunday, November 5th. At my next scheduled doctor's appointment (Tues. Nov 7th) I was admitted to the hospital at 36 weeks. With Lauren, I had my baby shower on Sunday, February 15th. At my next scheduled appointment (Monday, Feb 16th) I had to go to the hospital (33 weeks). So, I am thinking with my 3rd we will just opt for not having a baby shower!!! =)



LOVE the 50's theme. That cake was amazing.
Claire said…
How beautiful! I love the poster at Melody's shower!

Rachel Moss said…
What cute themes! I guess I need to up the ante on church showers I help host.

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