I know, I haven't posted since Tuesday and I am WAY behind on posts from our trip...


Rachel is's been a long couple of days. The tube in her left ear has fallen out and almost immediately (or so it seems), she has another ear infection. This is the first one in nearly 2 years!!! It's so frustrating! Dr. Hull said that we might have to go back and visit the ENT doc again if she keeps having about reinserting the tube.....

I promise I will catch up but I can't promise when. I am working tomorrow, then Truck or Treat at church, then church Sunday then I work!!!! Yes, you read that right...this stay at home mommy is not going to be staying at home for the next couple of weeks! More about that later....OH, and YES, as a matter of fact, it will be Lauren's first time at daycare...and YES, I AM a nervous wreck!!!! Thanks for asking!



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