Lauren is 7 months old!

She's a sweetheart!!!

She has two teeth - front, bottom
She is sitting up for really long periods of time
She LOVES LOVES LOVES her big sister
She is extremely interested in the dog
She loves blowing raspberries
She is eating 2nd foods, one jar in the morning and one jar at night
She is only nursing 4 times a day
She has heard the word "no" and DID NOT like it!
She is a "Mommy's Girl"
She is both long and round! =)
She is such a cuddle bug..something Rachel NEVER was and I LOVE IT!
She is precious to me and I love her more than life itself!!!
She's my baby girl



Rachel Moss said…
Happy 7 monthday, Lauren!
She is so cute and I LOVE her rolls. I want to squeeze her. Happy 7 months, Lauren!!
Kelly said…
you have a beautiful family

I just wanted to stop by and tell you about my cool giveaway........a peronalize wine glass *you chose what you want on it* hope you stop by and enter......good luck

have a great one
Tiffany said…
Oh my goodness - she is a dolly! I stumbled on your blog and really enjoyed reading it. {grin}

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