Disney, Day 2 - EPCOT

I have a friend who does not like EPCOT! Can you believe that? Actually, I can. Let me just tell you that it isn't necessarily my favorite place to go but it certainly doesn't fall into my category of things I don't like. Parts of it are/can be very educational and some other parts are just fun...again, some parts are boring, but to me, most educational things are boring, so....ANYWAY....I really enjoy the Future World parts better than the World Showcase. So, Monday, we went to EPCOT all day. We stayed until just after dark and didn't see Illuminations (the fireworks show, which I LOVE...it's my favorite show in all the parks) but my kids just weren't lasting that long. I think that Lauren turns into a pumpkin, around, oh....7:30-8:00! We did a lot of Future World the night before, so this day we focused on World Showcase. They have a neat little station in each country called Kidcot. It is a place where kids can go and get stamps from each country, color their project (this time it was a mask), and get a cutout to hang on the mask. Rachel LOVED this until she fell asleep around, I think, Japan. Brice's mom got the stamps from the countries where she was asleep so she didn't miss out on that part. These pictures are from her coloring the mask in Canada and then her showing her mask after she colored it and got her cutout from Canada. We ate a late lunch again, this time in the country of Morocco. Brice and I try to eat at Morocco everytime we go to Disney because it is different and you can't find this type food around here much. (I really think it's because of the belly dancers that Brice likes to go, but anyhow). =) The food, as always, was great! It wasn't crowded and Rachel LOVED, I mean LOVED the belly dancer. I am going to try to upload a video...let's see if it works.

She has decided that Mickey Mouse ears ice cream on a stick is her favorite!!!

Lauren slept really well in her baby carrier...I could only carry her for a little while...Brice did most of that...she is too heavy!

We had a good time! This was a long day. Day 3 was a day of rest so not much to post about tomorrow but we did go to Downtown Disney and took some pictures while we were there.



Rachel Cox said…
I love Epcot! Well, I love all the Disney Parks... Animal Kingdom is probably my least favorite, but they have done a lot to it since I went last so it may be better now!

Epcot is actually Derek's favorite. So we spend quite a bit of time there as well. But he loves all that educational stuff. haha

Again, you are making me REALLY want to go!!
Unknown said…
Animal Kingdom is my least favorite as well! I am not huge on zoos and that is, essentially, what it is. Epcot is Brice's favorite.

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