One In A Million

I love my girls. I know that everyone knows that but will they always know? I sure hope so. I can't believe how big they are...both of them. Rachel is getting incredibly independent and as much as I think this is great, that means that she is growing up and that makes my heart a little bit sad. I know they can't stay little forever and that is bittersweet. I love babies...little itty bitty babies. LOVE THEM! That is my favorite stage. I love newborns. Not necessarily the lack of sleep but some of the most precious times are spent in the middle of the night during those feedings that you are barely awake for. I just love it! That's why I will likely have at least one more baby. I can't get enough of that sweetness!! =)

I heard this song a long time ago and I love it. It is so sweet! I heard it again today and was reminded about how sweet my babies are. The lyrics are just precious. I have it one of the girls' CDs and it plays in their rooms on occasion (we have the CDs on rotation more for Mommy and Daddy's benefit than theirs).

Way up above us
Twinkling bright
There must be a million stars in the sky tonight
Don’t worry
No need to cry
You are the only twinkle that’s in my eye

You’re more than one in a million
No one can take your place
Though I could try, there’s no way that I
Could ever forget your face
You’re more than one in a million
No other ever could do
‘Cause not even one in a million
Could ever compare to you
Could ever come close to you.

Through all the laughter
Through all the tears
Whenever you need me
I will be standing here
Right here

Don’t wonder
Don’t ever fear
Though you may wander
I’ll always be right here
So near



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