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Today on Kelly's blog she is featuring "must haves" and "could do withouts" as far as baby gear/stuff is concerned!! I am SOOO glad she is doing this for those that are expecting or hope to have a baby someday because it would have been really helpful for me when I was first having babies. Things do change and there are so many things that they have now that they didn't have when I had my first....but, I hope to offer some helpful suggestions. As Kelly posted on her site, what works for us, may not necessarily work for you because babies are different but here are some suggestions!

Against so many people's advice, we bought the Graco Snug Ride infant car seat with travel system (stroller included). It was the Laura Ashley design one....deep purples and grays (we thought it might work with a boy too but I am not sure now....anyway...WE LOVE(D) IT!!! We bought it when I was pregnant with Rachel and used it with her and now we are using it with Lauren. I was told that it is too big and bulky and I would never use the stroller....those people could not have been more wrong!!

We registered for mostly neutral stuff because, like a lot of parents, we plan to use the things again for other children that might not be the same gender. My brother in law got us the swing on our registry which was the Fisher Price Aquarium swing. I have to tell you that both of my children loved this swing. What I loved about it was that it swings two different directions. You can do it cradle-style or traditional style. My kids loved the lights and the fish that went around and around above their heads and the music wasn't too annoying! =) Now that it has been 3 years since we have gotten that swing, there are so many out there that I LOVE and would probably buy instead. Our swing will likely not last another has issues!! =) ALSO, just a warning...IT TAKES SO MUCH BATTERY POWER!!!!! I really wish it had the ability to plug in....this is Rachel in the swing....

Again, I was almost talked out of this. I know so many people that say a changing table is just another piece of furniture that they didn't have room for and felt that they could change diapers anywhere. Well, we bought our furniture from my cousin and she had an armoire, a crib (that converts all the way to a full size bed), and a changing table. Our changing table has three good-sized drawers underneath and a little cabinet-type thing with a door. It has been so much more than a changing table for us!! We put her there to put her clothes on her, to suction her nose, to give her medicine, to play with her, after her bath, really has been, what I feel, a necessary item in our house! This was actually a picture before we ever had a baby, so it looks different now! =)

We got this as a shower gift from the hostesses when I was pregnant with Rachel. It is a Graco one...not sure she theme name but it isn't available anymore, anyway. It is green. With my first, I would say, it was necessary. With my second, I would still probably say it was necessary but she HATED it. The purpose for purchasing this piece of baby equipment was to have the girls sleep in our room because we didn't get a bassinet. Rachel did great. We kept her in the pack n play in our room until she was almost 3 months old and we moved her to her bed. We took this on trips and she slept just fine. Lauren...not so much!!! SHE WOULD NOT SLEEP IN THIS!!!! I had to move her to her bed before she was 2 months old because she did not like it. It is actually still in our room and I put her in it occasionally but she was not a fan. When we go on vacation in a few months, she will have to sleep in one again...oh boy....I am just praying she likes it better now that she is older! I will use it, however, for a playpen when she becomes mobile...I did that with Rachel too and she didn't like it because she was confined! Mean Mommy!!
Here is Rachel can kinda see the pattern of the pack n play...

Again, every baby is different....Lauren HAD TO BE SWADDLED and Rachel hated it! I actually didn't think I would ever get Lauren away from being swaddled...she wanted to be swaddled until she was probably 4 1/2 months old!!! When I was pregnant with Rachel, Brice found this website for the Miracle Blanket. Well, it seemed like a great thing...I ordered two of them and then she didn't want to be swaddled! I tried them again with Lauren but I received one of the Kiddopotamus Swaddlers as a gift and liked them a lot!!! That's what we used for Lauren and worked like a charm!

Both of my girls loved the bouncy seat. We had the Fisher Price Aquarium themed one for the bouncer too. They loved the water, fish and sounds it made....would just stare at it for a long time! It was also good to take them outside. Lauren has just grown out of it...she is sitting up and it is recommended that you not have them in it after they can sit up. Lauren in the bouncy seat....

I included both the Exersaucer and the Play Gym in this section. One reason is because I am getting lazy on this post and because I think they are both equally as important....We like our Exersaucer just fine. It is a Baby Einstein one that has tons of things to look at and do. Neither one of my kids just love(d) it though. They both would play for awhile but not any longer than about 15 minutes or so. The play gym, and what I am referring to are those mats with the toys dangling above their heads, my kids LOVED!!! We have a Baby Einstein one and when I was pregnant with Lauren, we got a pink and purple one as a gift (that we are letting a friend borrow). Lauren still likes the Baby Einstein one but she is rolling all over the place. I put both of my girls under this thing from about the first week of birth. It helps with focus and attention. They loved it and so do I! Here is Rachel looking at the play gym
This is a newer version of the one we have but it is VERY similar....
Rachel in the Exersaucer Again, a newer version of the Exersaucer we have

Boppy Pillow
A MUST if you are going to nurse but it isn't just good for nursing! It is good to lay the babies on, it is good to hold them up if they aren't quite sitting up yet. They are just great great great inventions!! I still use the Boppy pillow when nursing and feel lost without it!!!!

This may sound stupid and crazy to a lot of mothers but it gave me SUCH peace of mind!! After I put my girls in their crib, I used this monitor. It detects movement, which includes breathing. If the baby stops breathing for more than 20 seconds, an alarm will go off. You can turn it off if you just want to use the monitor feature without the sensor but I will tell you, I slept better at night knowing that this was in place. If it is bogus and doesn't work, don't tell me because it helped me!! =)

Inchbug bottle/sippy cup labels. I used these for Rachel's bottles and still use them for her sippy cups. They are AWESOME and I buy lots of them for gifts!!!

Trumpette Socks....I LOVE these socks. They are cute, you don't have to put shoes on your baby and THEY STAY ON THEIR LITTLE FEET!!

Triple Paste Diaper Cream....ABSOLUTELY. HANDS DOWN. THE. BEST!!!! I had a terrible time with diaper rash with Rachel. She was on antibiotics so much that she was CONSTANTLY getting a diaper rash...and she has VERY sensitive skin. I tried them all! I tried everything. This stuff is very expensive but it works.

Medela Breast Pump. I love mine! It is considered the best. I think I agree! I consider this a must have if you are nursing and plan on pumping at all....I pump EVERYDAY!!! It's expensive but well worth the cost of all that formula! =) (Side note...I have a lot of products that I consider a must if you are going to breast if you want to know....)

Girls....I could go on and on and on.....I think I will stop here....I know there are more things that I love but I have to get some work done around the house....

Here are some things that i either didn't have, did have and didn't care for, or didn't have an opinion about them either way....

It's big. It's HUGE, actually. It barely fits in my trunk of my car. Rachel loves it. It works for what I need. I think I would buy it again but I really haven't used it as much as I probably I am undecided on this one.

My husband loves these. I don't. My kids are big and heavy and these hurt my back! We will use one when we go to Disney World soon.

I didn't nurse Rachel hardly at all so I used bottles with her from the beginning. We used the Playtex drop-ins and loved them. With Lauren, she only gets a bottle when I am at work or occasionally when I want to use the milk in my freezer before it goes bad. We use the Avent Tempo (drop-ins) and the regular Avent bottles. I like them just as well. I am not a big "you must use this bottle" advocate. I have several friends that love Dr. Brown's....

I don't buy them because the pediatrician says not to. That's it. I have no opinion on the subject.

We have a Britax Marathon. We love it! Is it the best? Is it worth the extra money? Not sure! I have never used one of the other ones to compare. I can just tell you that we like ours. I just bought a new Graco Nautilus for Lauren. It can't be used backwards so it will have to go to Rachel....I think it will be a nice car seat as well.

HOOTER HIDER Nursing Cover
Bought on...never use it! I usually just go to the car or the nursing room at the mall...whatever. I have used it once and Lauren hated it! I may use it on the airplane on our upcoming trip. I hope to use it's cute and seems like a great invention....

I think it is a complete waste of money. I think that it is silly. That's my opinion....

Seriously???? I have some friends that have them because someone bought them as a gift. Again...seriously????

So...there you have it! The "Baby List" according to Rikki! I know, it's long and seriously, I may come back here and edit this post as I think of things. But this is all I can do for the moment. I have kids to play with, dishes to wash, and shows to watch!! =) If you have any questions about any of this, please let me know!!!

Have a great weekend! GO HOGS!!!!



Jen said…
I love those bottle/sippy cup labels! They are too cute. I have little sticker labels that I have on all of our bottles and cups. Great list!
Rachel Moss said…
We tried the Miracle Blanket, too, but found it much more difficult than the SwaddleMe's.
I love Trumpette socks! I've never seen the houndstooth Mary Jane's before. Are those new?
I'm a paci wipe Mommy! Ha, ha! Bug doesn't take a paci anymore, but I do use them on her teethers when they fall while we are out and about.

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