I ♥ These Things!!!!

We all have things we love at certain times in our lives. What are mine right now?

Well, of course....


(Yes, I know these are not new....I ashamedly have not taken any pictures of my girls recently)

And I also love this guy....

(Couldn't find any pictures of him by himself...I guess I should say that I love me too, but I was meaning to just say I ♥ HIM!!!)

I have tons of other family and friends that I love as well, but one other thing I want to mention right now is....this....I LOVE LOVE LOVE this....

This has been THE BEST Bible study I have ever done!! I have done several of Beth Moore's studies but this one has been my favorite!! This past week was hard...very hard for me. I have realized a lot of things about myself...hard things that I need to work on and address...strongholds and weaknesses. It's a good thing but working through shortcomings within yourself is not pretty sometimes. This study is great and if you haven't done it, I encourage you to find a group that you trust and do this study...it will change your life!!!!



Katie said…
Rikki ~

You're sweet. I do enjoy reading about the precious "blog friends" that have reached out to me. It helps me heal and also gives me a face with all of your incredible words.

I am doing the Beth Moore study, too. I am just in the beginning, but it's wonderful. ; )
Rebekah said…
how precious are your girls?!?! i love the big smiles!

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