Yes, my friends, I am in full blown nesting mode!!! A little early, I might add, but it is here. I do not remember doing this when I was pregnant with Rachel. Maybe it was because most of my 3rd trimester consisted of insanely high blood pressures and swelling.

As I previously posted, yesterday we took down all of the Christmas decor. Well, after Brice took down the Christmas tree, he went and watched TV because...he needed a break! That was a long break! I ended up taking ALL of the rest of the decorations down, stacking the boxes in a neat place (awaiting for their return to the attic...something only the husband is capable of at this point), swept the floor, and rearranged the furniture. *side note about the sweeping* it is amazing to me how many little tree twigs fall off an artificial tree!!! GEEZ!!! Okay, so after that was all done, I was hurting...and EXHAUSTED! I sat down and watched some football...I love football! Wish the Colts would have won...o'well!

Today was church so we did that and then had a really great baby shower for Chris and Candace in anticipation for the arrival of Baby Cadence. It was really fun and I think they got a lot of nice things for the baby. Tonight I went to the grocery store. Can I just say that I LOVE TOM THUMB!!! It may be more expensive than Kroger or Albertsons but the service and convenience of the place is just worth it! They are always so friendly and helpful and they are open until 1:00 AM!!! I can go grocery shopping when most people are at home or in the bed...after my child goes to sleep. That way when I come home, my husband is able to help bring the groceries in. When I got home, we were putting up the groceries and I rearranged the pantry...sighs.....

Next, I am about to organize my scrapbook desk and get things ready for tomorrow so that I can continue cleaning the house and hopefully finish Rachel's 1st year scrapbook this week or next! HOPEFULLY!!! Yes, I DO realize that she is 2 and I am still not finished with her 1st year....IT'S 3 COMPLETE FAT SCRAPBOOKS!!!!!! I will need to start on Baby Sister's soon so I at least need to finish Rachel's 1st year....manageable goal, I do think! =)


Lainey-Paney said…
I love Tom Thumb too.
They rock., I believe we just attended Rachel's birthday party...she's older than a year.

Okay, had to tease a little on your lack of gettin' that done in a timely manner...but I am proud of you for getting it done now before the new baby comes!
Lainey-Paney said…
Oh, and if you feel so inclined, come to my house & "nest". You can go through all my stuff if you promise to clean along the way.
...I'm just sayin'.... if your place is done & you still need to clean stuff---you know where I live.

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