Cardiologist Update

I went to the cardiologist today. It was a quick took him longer to get into the room than it did for him to talk to me...typical! Anyway, he said that the monitor did allow him to see what was going on. Basically he said, as everyone else has said up to this point, that I am having PAC (premature atrial contractions)...I am having an extra heartbeat. He said he saw now tachycardia or arrythmias. He is not concerned at all. I haven't had to wear the heart monitor in over 2 weeks because I have not had any episodes but nothing in particular triggers it so it could very possibly start again. Anyway, I get to send the monitor back and I don't have to see the cardiologist again unless there is further problems.

On another note: my eBay sale is actually going okay. I have 5 people watching it and one person has already bid on it. She actually sent me a message and said that my starting bid was too low. She told me that she thinks I could sell all of the stuff for $100. That's encouraging...let's see if others agree!


Bubeaner said…
Good to hear it's nothing worrisome. And I agree, you do have it listed too low.

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