"Your Way Right Away???"

...at Burger King!!!

So, my husband does not like Burger King. He says that his food is always cold. I thought this was a weird reason not to like a particular restaurant but anyway....I do like Burger King...most of the time.

I have always liked the Whopper...it's big and messy and completely unhealthy for you. Well I HATE ketchup! I am telling you...HATE IT! I don't even really like the smell of it. Burger King, like a lot of fast food places put ketchup on their hamburgers. I always request no ketchup and no tomato.

You see, the slogan for Burger King is "Your Way Right Away...at Burger King now" can you sing it?? Anyway, I got my cheeseburger which was I was so excited about. I woke up wanting a cheeseburger. I really wanted Red Robin but it was late into the lunch hour and my sweet toddler child was ready for a nap. I was trying really hard to keep her awake in the car so we would get a decent nap at home. I was successful but that did not include any stops to actually sit and eat somewhere. Anyway, I settled for a Whopper with cheese, no ketchup and no tomato....or so that was the request.....

I got home with our lunch and started eating. My bun seemed kinda old...it wasn't soft. It just didnt look like your typical Whopper, I was a little disappointed. Then I came to KETCHUP!!! I looked at the wrapper that the hamburger came in and it had no tomato, no ketchup marked! I was so frustrated!!! IT WAS MARKED! I just wish that I had better luck with people at fast food restaurants. It seems like around here, maybe everywhere, the people that work at fast food restaurants are complete IDIOTS!! The only place around here that the fast food workers are not totally incompetent is Chick Fil A...which is my favorite place to eat fast food. I mean, I don't know what I expect to be working at a fast food place but I know when I worked in retail in college....I worked and did a good job even though it wasn't the best job in the world. It was MY job and I took pride in it. I think the bottom line is that people, in general, don't take pride in their work anymore....sadly not just low-paying employees but professionals as well. This day and age, one should take great pride in their work...there are several that would like to work and can't find work or have been laid off recently. *sighs*


Anonymous said…
Ummmm, WHATABURGER rules!

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