My Auction

Well, I listed Rachel's crib bedding on eBay last night (see a few posts ago) and I had never done it before. Well, I am still not certain that I did it right. I had a very nice and helpful lady assist me with something that was MAJOR. She did not have to help me and it would have benefitted her but she was kind and I am THANKFUL! Anyway, the bid is now up to $101 and it still has a little over 6 days before it ends!! I am very excited!! I was thinking at the most that I would get like $50. I have 8 people watching the auction and my hopes are high that the bid will go even higher. We will see!


Lainey-Paney said…
man....makes me think I should EBAY Gage's....but, we've intended to use it at Memaw's house if we have another baby....
Unknown said…
You mean when you have another baby?

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