Nothing Too Exciting

Not blogging about anything too exciting today. We have started doing things in the new nursery. Like we took down some of the decorations that we put up when we decorated for Rachel. It actually took some of the paint off the walls. Elmer's glue actually works really well when putting something on a case you were wondering! Brice took some sandpaper and sanded it down and we are going to paint over it and the flowers that I drew and painted for Rachel's nursery days. Anyway, we are starting and I am SO excited!!! Hopefully we can get some more done tomorrow afternoon.

Work was sorta busy at the beginning and then slowed down....thankfully. We got dinner brought to us by Blackeyed Pea. It was yummy!!! Apparently tonight was the holiday party for the ER (I know, they are behind) and so we got dinner and a YUMMY cake! I was so glad because eating is hard when you work the night shift b/c I dont get here until 4:00 and the cafeteria closes at 6:30 (or 7, I can't remember). Anyway, it was a nice surprise. Not scheduled to work again for the rest of this month. Hopefully I will be able to work again sometime in February before the baby is born.

I am about to enroll Rachel in Parent's Day Out again. It is with the same church that she used to go when she was a baby. It will be Mondays and Wednesday from 9-2. I am doing it mainly for after the baby is born. I know that I am going to need some extra sleep for the first couple of months and having a demanding toddler is not going to work for me to get that for at least 2 days I can manage to rest some! =) She will enjoy it...she loves going to school!

That's about it for now. I am doing well!! I took some more pictures today that I will post later. I am about to go home and it is almost 12:15. I am SLEEPY!!!


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