A Little Game Called...Catch Up!

Well....WE ARE HOME!!!!

Christmas was a blast. Having a 2 year old makes this time of year more magical than we could ever imagine.

We spent Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house here in the metroplex. It has been tradition since I was a little girl to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve at her house. We have all of my aunts and uncles and cousins and it is a large group of people in a small house but it is loads of chaotic fun. Rachel got lots of books, Clipo blocks (which are really neat) and some pink and purple giant legos. Brice got a puzzle book, Lifeway giftcard and Sleeping Beauty DVD. I got a giftcard for Target, a CD and some mixing bowls. Most of all, we had a good time and LOTS of yummy food! (sorry...forgot my camera that night)

We went home and did the "Santa thing" which was completely exhausting for me! I was so tired by the time we went to bed. I don't think that Santa was meant to be 7 months pregnant!! =) We sat out 2 Christmas cookies and milk for Santa and off to bed Rachel went.

Christmas Eve night was kinda nuts. Rachel woke up at 3:30 AM and wanted to get in Mommy and Daddy's bed. So...we, of course, let her. I was afraid that she would kick me in the belly so I left after about an hour of not being able to really sleep and went to her bed. So, she slept the rest of the night in my bed with Daddy and I slept in her daybed...not too bad, I must say! Anyway, Daddy woke me up the next morning and we all 3 sat on our bed and watched Dora (the Christmas one). Then, we asked Rachel if she wanted to go see if Santa ate his cookies. She was very excited. The first thing she did (she passed up the kitchen and tons of presents) was make sure the cookies and milk were gone. It was too sweet! She seemed a little overwhelmed at all of the gifts that were there for her. She didn't even want to open the wrapped gifts from Mommy and Daddy....Daddy had to do it. She got lots of Dora stuff, a new play kitchen from Mama Nette and GP (Brice's parents) and lots of goodies in her stocking. Daddy got some new jeans, movies, and stocking goodies. Mommy got a new Willow Tree figurine, a new pink Bible, scrapbook stuff and lots of stocking goodies. We ate Christmas dinner at my granny's and got ready to head out of town.

We left the day after Christmas for Arkansas. We made a quick stop at my grandmother's in Hope to split up the trip and then continued on to Little Rock to see Brice's family. When we got to Brice's parents house we ate burgers and then opened gifts. Rachel was much better at unwrapping gifts this time. She got some pots and pans and play food for her kitchen and some things to do Play Doh with. Daddy got a new coffee pot, some books he wanted, gift cards to Men's Wearhouse, and stocking goodies. Mommy got another Willow Tree figurine, 3 new Cricut cartridges, a Razorback blanket, and bedding for Baby Sister's room. I am SUPER excited about the bedding. *side note* the bedding we had for Rachel was from Pottery Barn and super cute and I just want Baby Sister to have her own. I LOVE IT!!

We had a WONDERFUL dinner at Brice's brother's house on Saturday night....pork tenderloin, filet minions, potatoes, etc....and homemade cinnamon rolls (my husband outdid himself on this one!!!). It was FABULOUS! We had a great time visiting family and friends in Little Rock. It is always nice to visit.

We left for Hope on Tuesday afternoon and spent until today (Friday) there. After the tree landed on my mom's house in October, her house still isn't ready for us to stay in so we stayed in a friend's house that travels majority of the year. I don't like staying there and Brice says it's creepy. It just isn't lived in, ya know what I mean??!! Anyway, we spent a lot of time with my grandparents as my mom had to work everyday we were there. Brice and I cooked New Year's dinner - meatloaf, cabbage, black eyed peas, and homemade rolls. It was yummy!!

Rachel helping my mom sweep!

So...we are home. I am tired. The house is a WRECK! I am so excited that now I get to start working on Baby Sister's room as I have been a little ansy about it lately. We will take down Christmas stuff tomorrow and hopefully get the house in order. I want to start taking stuff off the walls in the baby's room and going through Rachel's old clothes to see what she will be able to wear (they will be born in complete opposites seasons).

28 weeks pregnant today. I am assuming from the lack of phone call from the doctor that my glucose screen was fine. YIPPEE!!! I have my next appointment on Wednesday. I am sure she will get me for gaining too much weight! That's what happens when you have a birthday, Christmas, and New Years between appointments!


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