Growing...Both of Us!

Had my doctor appointment today. All was great!!! My glucose screen was gestational diabetes here! YAY! I gained 6 lbs over the holidays! Not anymore than I have gained any other month. She didn't say anything...I'm not stressed! =) I was borderline anemic....still taking my iron pills...all I can do. Belly measuring exactly what it is supposed to be. Baby's heartrate good. She kicked the doppler...doesn't like to be disturbed! Doctor said she is breech...I knew that...I can feel her feet!!! UGH! She said we will do another medical sonogram closer to the end of the pregnancy to determine size and when the baby needs to be born, etc. I am actually having my 3D sonogram done on Thursday, Jan. 22nd. I have another cardiologist appointment on the 20th, OB appointment on the 21st and sono on the 22nd...busy week!!! I am going to the doctor every 2 weeks's getting closer! I feel good and I am really liking being pregnant this time. I know I will miss it when it's over...I did last time and I was pretty miserable the entire time!

Prayers go out to the Wisely family....they lost their baby this week...early in the pregnancy. My heart just breaks for them. So very sad.


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