Update On Granny

Yesterday morning my dad took my granny to the hospital because she had been having chest pain off and on all night the night before. She indeed did have a heart attack and was taken to cardiac cath where she was for a really long time...almost 2 hours. They found that where she had the quadruple bypass back in 87, two of the veins were completely closed off which they can't do anything about. The 3rd vein was damaged and so they tried to stent it. They were not successful. Basically the 3rd vein is so damaged that they cannot do anything for it either. Her artery, however did look good. Anyway, the damage that was done yesterday to her heart was in the same place as the damage from her heart attack that she had ON JANUARY 12TH 1987!!! (She had this one on January 12th 2009)!

So, basically, her heart is weak and it will continue to get weaker over the years. The doctor does not feel that surgery is an option because her heart is so weak. She is stable for now. Thank you for all of your prayers.


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