Never Ceases to Amaze Me!

God's creation that is!! We got a glimpse into the life of my unborn baby today! I am just completely in awe of what God is doing inside of my body. This precious little girl is just beautiful! It is strange you know because we have done this once with Rachel but the experience this time was just so neat. I just love watching her move and not cooperate! Her facial expressions were priceless. I am so in love with this baby!! I want to share her with you! Enjoy!


Dana said…
I have NEVER seen anything like this??!??!!? How do they do that??? This is nothing like any ultrasound I have ever that what it is??
Unknown said…
Yes, it is called a 3D ultrasound. I don't completely understand how they do it but I think they take a 2D ultrasound and using reflections and mirror images and things, the computer comes up with something that looks similar to what baby would really look like. It is amazing because Rachel's 3D sono looks just like her. And this baby looks a lot like Rachel did when she was born. They are very accurate. It is amazing!
Bubeaner said…
I do love the pictures. It's cute to see her pouting. I also just realized that you are 4 days past the time when John was born. Isn't that weird?
Aunt Goosey said…
girl, she is so freakin' CUTE! I hope to meet her in person some day! :-) You take care and keep having good days, ya hear? Love ya! Cathy M. (case mgmt, BMCI)

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