My heart flutters came back briefly at the beginning of the week but have gone again. Whew.....

Rachel's doctor called yesterday and said that all of her test results were normal. She said she was a little surprised that her thyroid wasn't "off" because she was pretty sure that's what it was. Anyway, my baby girl is perfectly healthy despite her big-ness. We are on a pretty strict diet. No fruit juice at all. She can't have fruit snacks and she said to limit the french fries and fried foods. She said if she wants a snack during the day to give her fruit or veggies. Luckily my child will eat those! Her favorite food is tomatoes! =) It will definitely be an adjustment but we can manage. Thank you for everyone that has been checking up on us.

Rachel is officially in her big girl room!!! It is mostly all decorated and looks just darling. She is getting too big for me. As I was taking stuff from her old room to the current one today we kept talking about how "that is for baby sister." She is so cute when she says it.

Everything else is great. Brice is taking some time off next week and I am celebrating Thanksgiving at the Cowboys' football game. I am so excited!!!!


Lainey-Paney said…
Like---you're going to the game on Thanksgiving???!! Fun!

You can do the diet thing. You can do it! Did the doc say anything about whole milk or 2%, etc? I just wonder b/c my pediatrician & a friend's pediatrician have each advised us differently, so I was just wondering....

And, she's healthy. That's the main thing!

You and your heart: again, this really all comes back to me, right? Could you please not have a heart attack right here before Black Friday? That IS the biggest shopping day of the year, you know. And, I'm still fully supporting "Shopping" being recognized as an actual sport.

...you know I'm just kidding...right? Well, not about the shopping thing...but about your heart...
Unknown said…
BLD - we give her 2% milk. She said we shouldn't start 2% until she is 2, well, we started a little early and she is 2, so....my pedi is young and I like the young docs that don't think things are supposed to be done they have always been done so I generally agree with her.

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