Halloween 2008

I was going to wait to post until tomorrow. Here it is 3:12 in the morning and I am posting on a blog. I woke up with a burning belly and took some medicine. I am now waiting for it to kick in so I thought I would type a little since sitting upright feels better than laying down. Anyway....

Apparently, Grand Prairie and Irving had small earthquakes on Thursday night (around midnight or so). I didn't know a thing until someone was asking about it....I was asleep and although some reported being woken up by it...not me! If only I was able to sleep like that tonight.....

Brice came home early today...like 1:00 early. It was nice. I wasn't quite ready for the day as I had just put Rachel down for a nap and that's when I normally get a shower, etc. When he got home he said, "Let's go put together Rachel's swingset." So...we did. It isn't anchored to the ground yet but she did get to slide and swing some and was not happy when we made her come inside. It's pretty cute. There were no written directions...only pictures. Brice and I did it together and it was WARM outside yesterday. We were in the sun most of the time and I started to get a little swollen....something NOT welcome in this pregnancy. After I sat down for a bit, it was better. Blood pressure was fine.....118/77. That's a relief. I check it when I start not feeling well because of my history.

We made chili and popcorn balls, dressed our ladybug appropriately and headed for our Sunday school class Halloween party at Chris and Candace's. It was a lot of fun. Rachel had a great time eating and playing with everyone.

Gotta go try and get some sleep....gotta work tomorrow AM.


Lainey-Paney said…
Her lady bug costume is so cute!

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