The Past Week

I will likely do several posts about this past week. It will be hard to put it all in one.

First....the heart "issues" that I previously posted about returned on Tuesday. Wednesday they got really bad and I called the doctor again. Brice was off work starting on Wednesday. The nurse from my OB/GYN's office called back and after assessing my situation, told me to go the emergency room. UGH! So...I did. They did and EKG, drew blood, and put me on the heart monitor for an hour. The blood work came back normal. The EKG showed some abnormality and the heart monitor did indeed show some irregular heartbeat. The doctor called my primary care doctor to see if she wanted me to stay the night for observation. They agreed that it wasn't necessary (boy am I glad)!! Anyway, basically this is the deal...I am having premature atrial contractions, sinus tachycardia, and irregular heart rhythm. None of these things are thought to be harmful unless heart disease is already present. It just means that my heart will beat too early and then it beats really fast to keep up with the skipped beat. Annoying but apparently not harmful. I was supposed to make an appointment yesterday with my primary care doctor but did not remember until after 5:00 so I will do that on Monday. The flutters are still present but I am trying to deal with it and not worry too much. So, Wednesday I was going to start getting things ready to decorate for Christmas but I spent the afternoon/evening in the ER.


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