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What a crazy week we have had!! It started with us finding out that we are having another baby girl (see previous post). Then, I worked Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday I started having some heart "weirdness" where my heart would skip a beat and then beat really fast. It wasn't really severe on Wednesday so I went to sleep in hopes that it would just go away the next morning. When I woke up Thursday morning it was worse so I decided to call the doctor. I went to work anyway and got an EKG done which was slightly abnormal. I had an appointment at the doctor at 1:15. She said that she thinks I am anemic and put me on a prescription iron pill. She also told me to increase my fluid intake. I started taking the iron pills on Thursday evening and had the heart issues up until yesterday morning. I haven't had any more "spells" since yesterday morning. I guess the iron pills are working. I am VERY was odd and now I can concentrate on other things.

Thursday evening, Brice's parents and brother got here and Brice and I went to a banquet for the Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie. It was really nice. I cried...what's new??!!

Friday was Rachel's 2nd birthday! The whole gang went to Euless to Incredible Pizza and it was so much fun! We had a blast. It was fun for Rachel to run around, the food was decent and the big kids had fun too....I am thinking next year's birthday party....

Saturday was incredibly cold and also Rachel's birthday the park! STUPID ME! I knew it was going to be cold a few days before the party which is why I told all of the moms to bundle up their kiddos. It was cold and windy. The kids didn't stay long and neither did we. Rachel seemed to still have a good time swinging. She got so much stuff for her birthday and had a great party.

Brice's family left yesterday and Rachel is still talking about them. She loves company - especially when they are here for her!! =)

That brings us to was a rough day for us. Rachel had her 2 year checkup at the doctor. I figured it would be quick and painless (except for the shots) as most of her well baby checkups are. Well, not the case. She weighed 41 lbs and was 37 inches tall. The doctor was really concerned about her weight. It has increased significantly over the past 6 months and so she wanted to draw some blood to check for thyroid issues as well as blood sugar problems. The blood draw was HORRIBLE!!!! It took them about 30 minutes, 2 nurses and a daddy as well as a restraint device. Mommy left the room. They finally got her blood but it clotted before they were able to get all they needed so they had to poke her foot. It quit bleeding before she got all that she needed from that, so they poked her other foot. She also got the flu shot and a Hep A shot. Now she is sporting 5 bugs bunny bandaids and some bruises. She was calm after she got a sucker and was able to sit in Daddy's lap. She even said, "Bye bye doctor" as we left. I was emotionally drained and a little...I don't know, frustrated, disappointed, down....I am not sure what the true feeling was. I felt as though I would burst into tears at any time. I sorta felt like a failure as a parent. Was there something else I should have been doing? Is it my fault that she is so heavy? I just had a lot of emotions...which is completely normal seeing as how I am also 5 months pregnant. It was just too much. I have great friends! Heather came and sat at the house while Rachel napped so I could go do some errands. I went to Target and got some things to help with organization and such. It was a good break.

I will post pictures of Rachel's birthday party soon.



I know how you feel right now, except I am not pregnant. We are having to have Bryce tested for developmental and behavioral issues and I feel so down about it. I have even called a counselor to help me sort through this. We were supposed to have our appointment today but the Dr. was sick, so it got cancelled. Hanging in there and know that you are doing what is best for your child. I am praying for you and Rachel.
Lainey-Paney said…
Okay, so she's a big girl. You know that. That's nothing new. Nobody's blaming you for it either. You're taking necessary steps to see if it's a medical condition. Whatever the results, the doctor will advise you accordingly, and you'll roll with it. None of it may be easy, but you'll roll with it.

Being 5 months pregnant & any stress is not fun...or easy....and I remember those "cry at the drop of a hat" moments!

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