It's A.......


We had our appointment this morning. It was so good to see the baby again. I was so used to sonograms so often with Rachel and this is only #2 for this baby. I was anxious to see the face and how much bigger she has gotten. Everything looked great. The doctor said that she usually tells people that you can't see everything on a sonogram but that everything with this baby so far looks perfect. That is such a relief after my last pregnancy. The next few months will be crucial with blood pressures and stuff since that's when mine started going up last time.

I have to say that when she showed us the girl parts (and I definitely know it's a girl) I found myself to be unexpectedly a little disappointed. The entire time I have said that I didn't care if it was a boy or girl but then I guess deep down I wanted a boy and didn't even know it. I am very happy but the initial reaction was very different than I expected. Daddy is happy and Rachel will be a great big sister. I am excited about being the mother of two girls!!

By the way, no names until the baby is born!!!! =)


Lainey-Paney said…
can't believe it's a girl.
I just KNEW it was a know, based on absolutely nothing scientific.

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