Sudafed or Not?

So, as I have previously posted, I have been sick. I AM sick. I called the doctor's office on Tuesday to see what medicines I can take while being pregnant. I never was sick like this with Rachel so I honestly didn't know what was off limits. Anyway, the nurse called back and said I could take Sudafed and Mucinex, Tylenol for fever or pain, and any throat lozenges. I went and bought Sudafed. After taking it for about 3 days, I quit because it wasn't working. I thought I would go to Mucinex. I went to the store and there are about 3 different kinds of Mucinex. I asked the pharmacist which one I could take and she said it didn't matter. I went home and got online to research the substances found in this particular type of Mucinex to make sure it was on the "safe list." What I found was that it was perfectly fine to take but that SUDAFED is not! Basically the FDA has said that Sudafed taken during pregnancy, especially first trimester, is dangerous to the developing fetus. It can cause a condition called gastroschisis which is a problem with how the bowels develop. It can cause a hole in the GI tract or the stomach to actually form on the outside of the body. Anyway, I have quit taking Sudafed because it doesn't work so why put a substance in your body that doesn't even help...well, I'm not. Is it safe? That seems to be the question.

Anyway, the Mucinex worked a lot better and according to the FDA seems to be safer during pregnancy anyway. So....Mucinex it is until I can sleep and breathe without medication.


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