Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today's Funny

Turning onto the little street in between Taco Cabana and Chick fil a...going to Chick Fil A for lunch...

Rachel: (pointing to Taco Cabana) Is that Chick Fil A?
Me: No, that's Taco Cabana.
Rachel: That's silly! What's a Taco Banana?




Mom of 3! said...

Ha! I love that! How cute is she!!!

I loved your comment about baby products... some of those I'll be checking out!

And I love chubby babies too. My babies were both born tiny! But after a couple of months they put on some weight. I can't wait to see how this little girl turns out!

Rachel Cox said...

Too cute!!

Katie said...

Rikki ~

Cute story.

Your words are so comforting. Thank you for sharing with me.

I'm going to post where you can get the name frame soon. I'm so glad you like them!

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