Parent's Night Out

I had originally signed Rachel and Lauren both up for Parent's Night Out tonight. My aunt wanted Rachel to come to her house and Rachel loves going over there so I agreed that it was fine. So, I took Lauren to PNO at the same place that I take Rachel for PDO. I dropped her off around 10 til 7:00 and then they called me at about 9:15 and said that she had been "throwing up." Let me just say this...MY CHILDREN ARE SPITTERS!!! BIG TIME!!! Both of them. Rachel was bad and so is Lauren. The lady said, "Well, the girls that were working with her said that it was A LOT...more like throwing up." I explained, once again, that she spits up. She said that she took her temperature with the temporal artery thermometer and she has a fever....99.5. THAT IS NOT A FEVER!!!! Not anywhere will you find that reading to be a fever. I explained to her that we were already on our way to pick her up anyway. When I got there she was in someone's arms wrapped in a FLEECE blanket with her pajamas on, which are long sleeved and footed. OF COURSE SHE WAS HOT!!! She is hot-natured anyway but for real!!!?? Anyway, I think I will keep her with me next time. They said she was super fussy too. Lauren is not fussy...ever!



Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I am now a Pampered Chef consultant, so if you are interested in (or know anyone who might be) having a cooking or catalog show, let me know. Sorry about putting it on your blog but I didn't have your personal email address.
Unknown said…
Hey Kimberly! That's awesome!! Here is my email

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