Cowboys Stadium

**I have been trying to do this post for two days but haven't had time.....**

Up until last year, I had never been to a professional football game. I love football!! I actually like college better but I have always loved the Cowboys. I grew up in the Dallas area and then moved to Arkansas when I was 14 years old. I was trying to figure out what to call myself....a transplant, a re-plant...ha ha ha!! ANYWAY, we have some friends that we go to church with that have season tickets and so graciously allowed me to go last season on Thanksgiving. It was so much fun! We tailgated and all.


This is a new season and A NEW STADIUM!!! Can I just say AMAZING! It was great. I had the best time. Jim and Anita are AWESOME for letting me go again this year. I didn't think I would be able to see the new stadium (it's quite expensive) but I did and I am so glad. Here are a few pictures....

The screen....AWESOME!!!

Two running backs - left Tashard Choice and right MY FAVORITE!!!! FELIX JONES (for those of you that don't know...he is a former Arkansas Razorback)

This man was VERY interesting...he is painted....and should I mention...VERY DRUNK!

This was on the other end of the field...I love my camera!!!

My favorite picture that I took of Tony Romo

The view from our was an amazing time!!



Jen said…
Ooooooh fun! I've never been to a professional football game, but I love college football and have been to many games! I love the pictures.... so fun!!!!

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