This Little Man

UPDATE: Baby Rex is now with of 5:00 this morning. My heart is breaking. I am so sad. I held my baby last night and just cried thanking God for my blessing and halfway questioning why anyone has to lose theirs. This family has been through so much. Valerie and Chris got to hold Rex this morning. Please continue to pray for this family.


This little one needs our prayers in a big way! Everyone that you know...please get them praying. This is Rex Christopher Sunberg. He was born on 9/9/09 at 26 weeks gestation weighing in at a whopping 1 lb!! His mom, Valerie, who I went to high school with developed HELLP syndrome and had to deliver immediately. HELLP syndrome is where you have high blood pressure, elevated liver enzymes, and your platelet count drops. This is an extremely serious condition and often deadly for baby and mommy. I had this after delivering Rachel and know first hand how scary it can be....but not nearly to the extent that Valerie does. That is only part of the story...Valerie had a liver transplant almost 2 years ago and so this condition during pregnancy was even more serious for her. It was important that they keep the liver from becoming damaged.

Baby Rex is now 1 week old and has had several episodes in the last 24 hours of his O2 saturations dropping where they have had to bag him to keep his sats up. He had heart surgery 2 days ago to repair a valve (this is actually common in preemies). The last information I got was that the doctors are "working on him." I am not exactly sure what that means but just pray pray pray!!!! Valerie has been through so much and Baby Rex is a miracle....let's keep praying for this miracle baby! Thanks in advance.



Jen said…
I'll be praying... what a sweet baby. Keep us updated!
Leslie said…
Rikki, Do you remember Ashlee Irvan from CBC? She just gave birth to her son on 9/9/09, too. He was just 26 weeks gestation as well. I think his preterm delivery was due to gestational diabetes. He weighs around 2 lbs. Yes, I will keep this family in my prayers.

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