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First things, first....

Meet....Little Miss Muffet
I think this is adorable. Lauren is going to be a spider...her outfit is too cute as well! More pictures after Halloween.

Lauren is 6 months old! Happy 1/2 birthday my baby girl!!

We don't go to the doctor until the 21st for Lauren's 6 month checkup. I am going to guess that she weighs right at 20 lbs and is 28 inches long. We will see how close I get! She had a rough day. She screamed for most of the day. I think her tummy hurt. Not sure what I ate to make it hurt...maybe the pizza I had Thursday night. I don't really even like pizza so I won't have a hard time avoiding it in the future.

So...I decided that for Lauren's 6 month professional pictures that I would schedule it on a day when everyone could go and we could get some family pictures. We have not all had our picture taken together since I was in the hospital the day Lauren was born...I wasn't looking the greatest, ha! I am sure that when we go on vacation soon, we will be able to get some taken...hopefully! So, I scheduled the pictures for 10:30 am...trying to get around feeding and naps, didn't work. The place was crowded, Lauren was sleepy (I knew she would be...what was I thinking??) and Rachel was COMPLETELY uncooperative. We got some family ones taken and then got some of the girls but I have no idea if there are any good ones. The photographer was so nice and said that she would save the pictures and I could come back again with just Lauren to get her 6 month pictures and buy them altogether...the cheapest option...I will do that this week.

I will leave you with some movie Saturday....GO HOGS, BEAT UGA!!!! WOOO PIG!!!!!!

seven pounds Pictures, Images and Photos

I thought this movie was GREAT!!! I can't say a lot about it without giving it away but it was different. Hard to follow at first but I thought it was really good. This is the only thing I will say about it...something that the husband and I discussed after it was over....we had a little problem with him deciding who was worthy....if you want to know more, email me.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
I thought this movie was way dumb! I, surprisingly, really liked the first one so I got this one on Netflix and it was stupid. I did not like it at all. The pants should have stopped traveling after one summer....



Rachel Moss said…
Love the Little Miss Muffet costume. Your girls will look so cute as LMM and the spider. Very clever!
Isn't scheduling around naps always difficult? It seems like I never get that one right.
Lainey-Paney said…
The costumes & how they coordinate: too cute.

I think you'll be very excited to have FAMILY pics!
Rachel Cox said…
Ok, that picture of Lauren literally made me grin ear to ear! She is so happy! LOVE it!

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