When anyone in America reads or hears those words I am sure that the same thing comes to mind every time. Planes. Horror. Pain. Lives...lots of lives. Lost. Tragedy. Terror. Fear.

I cannot believe that it has been eight years. It doesn't seem that long ago. It is still fresh on my mind. I think many people are reflecting today on where they were at just that moment. The moment that they realized what was happening.

I was in college. I was a junior in college. I had woken up just in time (probably late, to tell the truth) to make it to class. If I remember correctly, I had a history class first thing that was either a 9:00 class or a 10:00 class, I can't remember for sure. I remember walking down the stairs of the dorm to go to class and people were watching TV in the foyer. I saw the news on and didn't pay much attention to it. I remember thinking that I was late for class and that's all I cared about. I know what you're thinking....I am just telling the story as it happened. I went to class and heard people talking in the halls about the events that were taking place; however, I was still oblivious to what was REALLY going on. When I sat in my seat in Dr. Bender's class, the TV was on. It was showing news coverage of the nation's events. There was silence in that room. Everyone was glued to the TV. That's when the reality of what was happening struck me. It was horrible!! I still remember being kind of confused and not sure what was going on. I think everyone was. The picture that I remember the most is the one where people were running with blood all over their faces and smoke and ash on them with smoke billowing behind them. It was horrifying. I can't tell you when I really felt safe again.

I will admit that years after the event took place, I got annoyed at all of the news stations having all day news casts reading the names of the people that lost their lives. Again, I know what you are thinking.....

It is sad. It was tragic. People lost their lives that day. Innocent people. Mothers. Fathers. Grandparents. Sons. Daughters. Babies. I read the book "Let's Roll" about Todd Beamer. It's a great book and it gives an interesting perspective. I honor those that lost their lives today. The troops that are still fighting for our freedom.

God is sovereign. God is good. In HIM we trust.

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Tara said…
I think that day will be etched in our mind's forever! It was eight years ago but seems just like yesterday!

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