Friday, September 4, 2009

Show Us Your Life - School Pictures

Kelly from Kelly's Korner features "Show Us Your Life" every Friday. You might remember my baby shower post a few week ago. Today is School Pictures....I had to participate!!! =) I have some that are worse than these, but they were on the computer and not readily available to scan. I had the big glasses at one time!!!! Never had the braces ya go! Enjoy!

This is Kindergarten...I think I was precious!!! =)

1st grade...I specifically remember crying when I brought these home because I HATED them!

Couldn't find my school picture for junior high but here is a basketball picture!

Junior Year

Senior Year

I was the high school mascot my senior year!!



Courtney said...

You were SO cute!

Bridgette said...

Great pictures! You were adorable.

Katie Bug said...

Your oldest looks a lot like you!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love old pictures...and enjoyed your blog..

Hope you will stop by and visit my new Christmas blog. There is a great giveaway this week.

Anonymous said...

Did you go to Hope College in Holland, MI?

Rikki said...

No. This was high school.

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