So....how many times have I posted about wearing my feelings on my sleeves???? TOO MANY! If you don't want to read about it again....then, just close this webpage because here I go again!!!

So...most of you know that I am planning my 10 year high school reunion. Well, it has been like pulling teeth for most people to participate. Well, tonight a bunch of stuff "went down" on Facebook! I Facebook....A LOT, actually! I started a Facebook group when all of this started with information regarding the reunion. I had all of these people excited and signed up to go. Well, when it reached the deadline, no one was sending me money. I sent quite a few posts because I really don't think that people understand how important it is to get money in on time because I HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS STUFF OUT OF MY POCKET if I don't get money! Well, the deadline to turn in RSVP and money to me was this past Tuesday. Some people are late and I understand that....I am ALWAYS late!!!! So, I'm cool with that...that's why I gave them an earlier deadline than what I actually needed.

Well, tonight.....at the request of some...I sent out a message on Facebook to all of the people in the group a list of those that are coming. Someone was on the list that isn't coming and she flew off the handle at me!!! I mean, it was a horrible ordeal....it is now 12:39 PM and I think it is finally over! For this particular person, it was more personal than anything. She does not like me and it stems from something that happened a couple of years ago. So now, it is like PROTEST RIKKI AND THE REUNION!!! WHATEVER!!!!! We will have the reunion and we will have a good time and those type people are better off not going anyway because it will just make the rest of us have a miserable time.


I am a wreck!!!! I HATE confrontation whether it is with someone that deserves my time or not. I hate making people mad and I don't like drama! Okay, so maybe I like a little drama but not when I am at the focal point!!!! I can't sleep....my head starts hurting, my stomach gets in knots and I automatically start thinking of things I can do to make it better....when it wasn't my fault to begin with. I am kinda estranged from a long time friend that I had and it is killing me!!! I even dream about her and how I can make things better with her. It doesn't matter if I am at fault or not...if it will make the situation smoother, I will apologize...in a heartbeat! I want to get to the bottom of this....why am I like this??? Why does it bother me so much?? There has to be something deeper....I am thinking about counseling...seriously...I have to get help with this before it drives me batty!!! For now...I am going to pray. That always helps. I have to get some sleep for those precious babies sleeping upstairs!



Rachel Cox said…
Girl - I am that exact same way! We are people pleasers, and it drives us batty when there is a possibility that someone is upset with us! :)

...but yes, I will mull it over and over in my mind when a situation goes down that is upsetting like that.

So sorry Rikki!

Unfortunately some people never grow up and mature past high school. We just had our reunion last October and some of the same problems. I think that you should do whatever is going to make you feel better but with some people conflict is what keeps them going. Good Luck!
Tara said…
Some people are just miserable and want to make everybody that way. I dream about my estranged best friend from high school all the time. We are FB friends but rarely ever comment and I know she sometimes reads my blog and it all started over (of all things) a guy who neither of us is married to. I've tried to salvage the relationship but she isn't interested I guess. Glad I'm not the only one that dreams those dreams.

It bothers me for somebody to be upset with me but eventually I get past it or it will drive you crazy.

Anyway, go to the reunion and have a great time.

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