Big Baby Girl!

It was shot day!! Lauren had her 6 month well baby checkup today...a little late since our pediatrician was on maternity leave. We are glad she is back!! We love our doctor!

Here are Lauren's latest numbers:

19 lbs, 13 oz - 95th %tile
28 1/4 inches long - 100th %tile!!!
17 inch head - 75th %tile

So, she is fat, super long and has a bigger than average but small in proportion to her body head!! I love her just the same!! =) ***I just went and looked and I was very close in my predictions on a post from last week...I said she would be 20 lbs and 28 inches!!***

The doctor said she looks great! She said that some breast fed babies are just big and some are tiny...well, let me tell ya...mine are not tiny by any stretch of the word!! =) I love my chubby babies!! She is doing everything she is supposed to.

I made a deal with Lauren...I told her that if she was good while getting shots that Mommy would go get some too. So, I went to the hospital (after Hobby Lobby) and got my flu shot and my TDaP shot that I should have gotten before but didn't. I think I am the baby here!!! That stuff hurts!!! Both of my arms are SORE!

Everything here is good....just another busy week ahead! Something I am super excited about.....I GET TO GO TO THE COWBOYS' GAME A WEEK FROM TODAY!!!! YIPPEE!!!

Til next time..



Rachel Moss said…
I have always wondered if any baby was actually in the 100th %tile! I always hear 90th or 95th, but never 100. Now I know!
Unknown said…
Rachel was always "off the charts" meaning PAST the 100th for weight...starting at 9 months! It wasn't a proud moment for me...let me just say....

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