I am working like a crazy woman to get my milk supply back up. After being sick and not eating for 2 days it has decreased really bad. Yesterday (it is 2:00 in the morning) was marathon feeding/pumping. I fed Lauren every 2 hours and pumped right behind it in order to get my body to produce more milk. I ate just about all day long and drank a lot of water. I also went and got some Fenugreek to boost tastes like maple syrup...but not as good. Anyway, I am going to take that tomorrow and continue the supply/demand and if it doesn't work, Dr. Parrill's nurse said that she could call in some Reglan. I am hoping this works because I really don't want to take any prescription medication for it. I also set my timer to wake up and pump during the night (why I am up right now). Lauren is still asleep and I didn't want to wake her but I did want my body to continue producing milk. I won't get up again until she wakes me...this time getting up was hard especially since I am extra tired right now anyway with this flu mess.

I am feeling better by the way. I am just still very very tired. The nausea is gone for the most part.

Brice is finished at his job. His last day was yesterday and he starts with the new company sometime next week. He will be home the rest of the week and hopefully we can go to the zoo by the end of the week if I get more strength up. I think that Rachel will really enjoy it at her age now.

Pumping done...must get a little more rest before Baby Girl wakes up wanting to eat!


Cortney Alston said…
I have nominated your for the One Lovely Blog Award. Your blog is so touching and I can relate to is so well!
To accept it please visit .

Jen and Jared said…
Oh bless your heart. I'm glad you are feeling better.... and I so hope you are able to take the girls to the zoo! I think we are planning on doing that next week maybe. :)

Oh, and I emailed you!

Bubeaner said…
I was wondering what you were doing up in the middle of the night. I am glad you are feeling better. I will probably be following you getting on Fenugreek. My supply is a little low after 5 days of only pumping. =P
Cortney Alston said…
Would you like for me to help you post it too your blog. No biggie if you don't want to.

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