No More Shade

I had to call some "tree guys" to come and cut down our only tree in the front yard. And...they did. It is gone. I am sad.

About 6 or 7 months ago (I guess) we had a large branch crack and break off our Bradford Pear tree in the front yard. Since then, it has had a crack down the center of the trunk. It has gotten worse and worse. The tree was still growing green foliage and was still as beautiful as ever. I love the tree. Now, if you will recall, I posted about "Stinky Trees" while I was in the hospital on bed rest and it was talking about this very tree. They are beautiful but do not smell good. Anyway, the tree was going to damage something or someone if we didn't have it cut down.

So...our only shade tree is gone. This tree that was gorgeous (but stinky) and towered over our house; that grew for 14 good, long years....gone. It is going to make our house so much hotter in the morning because it won't be blocking the sun.

I think we are going to plant a Magnolia Tree there in its place. It will take a long time to grow but should be really pretty when it gets big.


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