First Time For Everything

I knew that I wouldn't go Rachel's entire childhood without her getting a tummy bug but I certainly would have preferred it to happen AFTER Lauren gets a little bigger. Last night we had a rough night. It began at about 11:00 when Rachel started SCREAMING from her bedroom. I was feeding Lauren and so Brice attended to her. I saw the light in the hallway on and I heard her talking but I wasn't sure what was going on. Rachel has been having a hard time going to bed but I knew she was tired last night and didn't figure she would give us any problems. So...Brice comes in the bedroom and tells me that she just threw up her entire dinner. Rachel has never thrown up before. She was a HORRIBLE spitter as a baby but has never actually thrown up. So, I went in to check on her and she was laying down and trying to go back to sleep. I held her and cuddled for a little while a little leary as I didn't want to catch whatever this is and especially didn't want to pass it on to my other child. She threw up about 4 more times in the span of about 2 hours after she had emptied her stomach. Anytime we would give her anything to eat or drink it came back up...we tried Sprite, water with baking soda, a cracker...nothing...nothing stayed down. The last time we got her cleaned up (one time we had to put her in the bathtub) I was holding her and I just lost it. It is so hard to see one of your babies so sick.

We had the question of what do you do when your child gets sick so many times??? Do you continue to change the sheets and pajamas? We were about to run out of sheets. So, ultimately we put towels down in her bed and put her to bed without and p.js on..just a diaper. Anyone have any tips???

She went to sleep around 2:30-3:00 and is still asleep now. I have fed Lauren and hope that she stays asleep a little longer so I can lay back down. Surely Rachel will stay asleep a little longer. I just hope today her tummy is better...not sure how I will handle a sick toddler and a newborn! My hands have been Germ-Xed and washed so many times, they are going to be so dry. I am just trying so hard to not pass this along to Lauren...if it is something that can be passed.



Jen and Jared said…
Oh bless her heart and yours too. We've unfortunately been through a few tummy sicknesses. Laying them on towels is the best you can do. Also, call the pediatrician today because there is a wonder medicine, Zofran, and it will help her stop throwing up... once she gets any virus out of her. Hopefully it isn't a virus though and the rest of you don't get sick. Poor baby... I'll be praying for her (and you too).

Dana said…
Awww...hope she gets to feeling better. Dawson has been sick several times growing up...I always hate it....

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