Got Milk?

I couldn't resist the title of this post.

We are back in business. My milk supply is sufficient for the nursing baby in my life! It isn't back to what it was but it is better...we didn't even supplement with any expressed milk was all me! =) I am not sure if it was the marathon feeding/pumping day or the fenugreek or both but we are doing good again. I can tell it isn't what it was prior to the illness because I am not pumping as much as I used to after feedings. I only pump after the early morning feeding because I am usually so engorged but I wasn't this morning. O' long as she is getting enough during each feeding...that's all that matters. I am happy.

We are planning a trip to the zoo on Friday! YAY!


Jen and Jared said…
Girl, you are a trooper! I'm so impressed and so glad your supply is back. Hope you are feeling good! And have a great time at the zoo tomorrow!!!


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