Back to Work!

Welp, it is 6:27 am, Saturday, May 16th (but you already know that because the date and times show up on posts, duh!) and I am sitting here, pumping and thinking about how late I am going to be to work today. I just know that the first day is going to be difficult trying to get all of the timing down. Lauren hasn't woken up yet and so I haven't been able to feed her. I set my alarm for a decent time but thought that I would already be awake feeding Lauren since she has never slept past the time my alarm was set for. Not the case; I woke up and she was still snoozing in her little swaddle blanket in her bed. She was stirring but I decided to go ahead and pump since it is faster than feeding her and I am already running short on time. I really hope that I am not too late because that would suck being late my first day back. I guess I can only do so much and I will time it better next time.

So, I have all of the frozen milk packets set out to thaw and there is a bottle warming up for when she actually does wake up. I am so sad that I wasnt able to feed her this morning but I certainly didn't want to wake her up. I am hoping that this day with pumping doesn't totally mess up my milk supply....YES, I KNOW, I AM WORRYING TOO MUCH but isn't that what you are supposed to do when you go back to work...even if it is for just 2 8 hour shifts a month and the best person in the world (my husband) is in charge of my (our) kids??!! This is normal, right??!!

We had a late night last night with Candace's birthday party and Rachel was showing off...she didn't get into bed until 10:30 so I am hoping that she sleeps at least until 8:00 so that Brice can get the baby fed. I know today is going to be challenging for him. Men have a hard time multi-tasking when it comes to children, I think. He told me one time after I had returned home from somewhere (before Lauren) that he hadn't eaten and I asked him why...his response: "Well, I was taking care of Rachel!" Um...okay, man, if I followed that logic I would be really skinny because I take care of Rachel and Lauren now. I will say that somedays it is not easy and I hope that they are cooperative for him today. He is perfectly capable but I just hate doing this to him after he works all week. He has WAY more patience with the kids so maybe it will all be fine. He keeps telling me it will! =)

We went out the other night to a new fancy bowling alley that I will blog about (a review) soon but pumping is complete and I gotta get a move on before I am SUPER late!!!!


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