Took A Little Break

From blogging....BUT I AM BACK!!!

Actually, the break was not planned or intentional; I am just a mommy of two little girls and I got busy!!

As an update to my last was good...not much going on. AND, I was not late, I was actually 5 minutes early!

Well, what have we been doing? Um...let's see...

Lauren's first official day of church was May 17th! (OUCH...for some unknown reason, Rachel just came and bit my arm!!!! She has never done that before!) Anyway, Lauren did really well. I actually missed the sermon because I had to go feed her...we will get schedules figured out eventually! =) Here is a picture from that day...yes, I know my face is shiny - I need to switch my face wash back to combination to oily skin - my skin changes so much when I am pregnant...anyway, here is the picture....

Rachel has been sick. She woke up on Monday Tuesday morning with 103 temperature. She was complaining of her back hurting. I took her to the doctor yesterday and she has a virus. They did an in-and-out urine catheter on her which she HATED and it all came back normal. The doctor just said she probably has a virus that causes fever and should go away in a few days. She did say to give her Claritin to see if it clears up her yucky nose. I gave her 1 dose yesterday and her nose was clear for the remainder of the day! Maybe she just has allergies! That's good news!!!

I ordered a new camera and I am SOOOO excited!!! I have been looking at a few because mine just isn't a good camera..not for taking pictures and it doesn't have video capabilities which I really wish it did so I could download videos here and on dropshots. SO....I got the Canon Powershot SX110IS...pictured here...

I ordered it from a website that had GREAT pricing (thanks, Krista!). I am just waiting for it to arrive....can't wait to play with it.

Brice switched cell phone carriers to AT&T so now we are both with the same providers which makes things a little more convenient. He got a new phone and I was not eligible for an upgrade yet...BOOOOO!!!! I want a new phone so bad! I HATE mine! It is pretty but that is about all it has going for it! I can upgrade again right before my birthday so maybe this time I will get a cool one! =)

*Baby crying....I'll finish later*

Okay, this baby refuses to take a nap during the day in her bed!! She will sleep in the bouncy seat and the swing and in bed with me but not in her bed. SO FRUSTRATING! But as I have said in the past, she sleeps all night so I really need to stop complaining!!! But, isn't she cute?

I have been having migraines lately...I had 3 in one week and never had them before. I need to visit the doctor to see what is going on. I am thinking it might be because my back is in such bad shape. My neck is hurting REALLY REALLY bad...I can't even move it in a certain direction because of the pain. I did the same thing after I had Rachel...childbirth is hard on the neck and back!!! I am thinking about checking out some massage places....


Lainey-Paney said…
Good Night Alive. How long did it take you to finish that post? I mean---from start to finish, with two little ones around???

Congrats on the new camera!
Congrats on going back to church!
When's Krista gonna have that baby!?

Migraines w/ neck pain: chiropractor (...or does it end in ---er???) & massage!

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