Do you ever feel like there are days when NOTHING works right????!!!! It seems like that has kinda been the trend since we moved into this house. Let's see if I can list all of the things that we have done since we have been here.....I am not going to list things that we have done prior to moving in like painting and replacing carpet....

changed light fixtures in several places
Brice worked for HOURS trying to fix a lighting problem in the office
air conditioner went out
replaced faucet (because it wouldn't work anymore) in the guest bathroom
had to pay a HUGE amount to get the alarm system reinstalled b/c it wasn't done correctly
the phone line was out for weeks because whoever installed it did it wrong and it was between the house and something else, so the line was pinched and wouldnt work....that took FOREVER to convince the phone company and the internet company that something was definitely wrong

I am sure there are lots of things that I have left out but here is the latest....

Our internet has been out for a week (that had nothing to do with the house, it was a router problem) but still it didn't work. Our directv box in the bedroom is wigging out and will only record and play certain shows....go figure. Then, I was trying to leave today to go to Toys R Us to look for a Halloween costume and the garage door decided to quit working. This is the ONLY working garage door we have left. We have already disabled the other one and locked it because it stopped working. I was trying to examine the door as to why it wouldn't go all the way down and I noticed this rope like metal wire hanging down in front of the door....unusual and certainly did not seem like it was supposed to be that way.

Anyway, so I called husband who gets frustrated with me because he can't understand from my description what is wrong. Then I get frustrated because he is asking me stupid questions. Rachel is in the car because we were trying to go to the store. Well, then she started screaming. I finally got off the phone with husband and started for the store and Rachel was screaming at me. I just turned around, went to Whataburger, got lunch and came back home. We ate lunch and now Rachel is in bed.

Nap time for me too!! I hate getting all worked up and it is worse right now!


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