I am feeling MUCH better today. Yesterday was....well, let's just say an interesting day!!! I don't wish that on my worst enemy!

It's Thursday...the week is just flying by! Of course, since I have had a baby, I feel like my life is flying by. I can't believe she will be 18 months old next week. She's getting so big. We were watching Go Diego Go a few minutes ago and there was a prairie dog that needed help. She looked at me and said, "Dog, help." She is picking up on so many things. I just love her to pieces! (I am sure none of you knew that, right???!!)

So, let's talk potty training...when do you start? I have heard different opinions. I have been reluctant up to this point because I just wasn't ready to fight that battle and I thought Rachel was too young. I have a friend who is potty training her child and she just turned a year old. I bought Rachel a potty chair and she seems to be scared of it. Yesterday, I knew that she had pooped in her diaper and I said, "Rachel, did you poop?" and she said, "Yes" and started running to the changing table to change her diaper. So, does that mean it's time????!!!


Lainey-Paney said…
I hear that boys are harder to potty train than girls.

I say---the sooner the better.
Gage is almost 3 & I am so flippin' tired of buying diapers.
And changing diapers!

We have...books about potty training. movies about potty training. A soft potty seat for the big potty & a step stool. A little potty.

Why don't you go to Half Priced Books & get some parenting books on potty training?
Zephra said…
It means you are getting close. DONT RUSH IT. You will be sorry. I have potty trained many kid including 4 of my own and the worse mistake I ever made was rushing it.

Take that potty seat and put it in front of the TV and when she is watching, sit her on it...clothes on and seat down. Get her comfortable with it.

Take her to the bathroom with you and and let her see it all. Let her flush if she is brave enough and say bye bye to the pee and poo. Ease her into it. And make it all a big happy happy deal.

18 months is a do-able age and you can try to start but if she is not interested, fights you, or freaks out. Stop and wait a few weeks or even longer.

There is no set age to start. Sometime, starting them younger take much longer. Sometimes you just get a kid who does not want to do it. Sometimes you get a kid who understands what you want from the get go (rare). Good news is that girl are easier.

Don't worry, I have yet to see a diaper wearing college student.

The book idea is a great one. Once upon a potty was my sons favorite and that, along with the musical potty seemed to get him interested.

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