Good Report!

We just got back from the ENT doctor. Rachel's ears look great! The audiologist said that she has a little bit of dried blood in the right ear which could be the reason for her pulling at it but that doctor said it looks good. No infection and healing nicely. He DID NOT take out her tonsils. SO.....either I read the operative report wrong or he dictated wrong...either way, I wasn't supposed to read it in the first place and I heard from his mouth that he DID NOT take out her tonsils, so we have them.....for now! No more antiobiotics, etc...he said to just continue giving her Motrin when she acts like she is hurting and give her children's cough and cold stuff for her snotty nose. He said some of that may be due to her adenoids area not being completely healed.

Nothing else new, really. I am continually reminded everyday of things that I can do to improve myself. God is working on my overall character right know, those little things that I do that I don't even realize is wrong....well, he's reminding me of them. That's good! I am thankful for God's discipline. I just wish I didn't have to learn things the hard way.....


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