If I could tell you my mood, the title of this blog would be it! My family and I decided to stay home from church tonight and spend some quality time together. After a nap, I cleaned the kitchen and made Daddy and Rachel dinner while they played and pretended to clean up the living room. We are always at church and the thing is that we just did not want to go tonight and really didn't feel guilty about it...I think that's okay. Anyway, as I was getting ready to take out the trash (Mondays are one of our trash pickup days) I noticed a pile of boxes that needed to go to the garage. My husband is so good about doing the trash duty on Mondays and Thursdays but I decided that I would do it this time. I was about to take the boxes to the garage and for whatever reason got a wild hair and started cleaning up the garage. For those of you that have been to my house, you know what a chore that I have taken on. Our garage was boxes piled on top of trash piled on top of boxes...not yucky trash, just packing materials and things of the such. We had a path to get from the door to the driveway and that was getting to small.....SO.....I DID IT!!!! I CLEANED THE ENTIRE THING!!!! It looks SO MUCH BETTER!!! I had a HUGE pile of packing peanuts and our trash pile by the curb is HILARIOUS!!! I took a picture of the packing peanuts but didn't have my memory card in the camera and cannot find the USB connector for it....and we already cleaned it up (Brice helped me with this part). BUT, here is a picture of our trash pile!

Hopefully the trash guys will pick it all up!!! We have had a good weekend. Everyone have a good week!!!


Lainey-Paney said…
Holy cow, that's a big trash pile.

But, I know what you're talking about with LOVING that feeling of productivity!
I feel that way after major tasks too.

krista and ryan said…
Wow I am impressed!! Great job...

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