Okay, so my earlier post today was titled "Disappointed" and this one is "Frustrated." Life really is good, but I just need to blog about these things today, I guess.....

I LOSE EVERYTHING!!!! I would lose my head if it wasn't attached to my body...seriously...I think I actually have lost my head on occasion. Anyway, I have managed to lose (and I am sure it is with the help of a couple of extra hands and feet) the following: Rachel's FAVORITE Ms. Pattycake DVD, MY FAVORITE bracelet in the whole world, and I am sure that there are many other things that I cannot think of at the moment. My husband gets so frustrated with me because I can never find my shoes. I have recently lost free AA airline ticket voucher, credit card (x2), and I am sure my mind as well!!!!

I need a little more organization in my life. The story behind the bracelet is that I put it with my watch and rings as I do everyday on my bathroom vanity...well, guess who is tall enough to reach it now???? There is no telling where that bracelet is! AHH!!! Nevermind the fact that I have a freestanding jewelry box that takes up space and collects dust....oh I must stop...I am starting to really feel like a loser and MY HEAD HURTS!! I'm gonna go do my Bible study......and take some Advil!


Zephra said…
If you look back at my archives a year or more ago, you will see me posting the same stuff. I lost and/or forgot tons of stuff. I would often forget what I came into a room for, what i was about to say, if I paid a bill or not. It made life frustrating. Most of it was due to my thyroid condition but a lot was also from undiagnosed depression (I'm not saying you have that). I keep lists now. Lots and lots of lists.
krista and ryan said…
I hope you took the Advil first then did your Bible study.
Lainey-Paney said…

No,'re a loser.
you know, one who loses things.
you know I'm going to start calling you a loser now, right?


Hope you find your stuff, loser.

Sorry you lost your stuff, loser.

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