First of all, a friend of mine put this on her myspace page and I thought it was super cute!!!

stole my heart

This has been a busy week! We had an emergency play date with Josiah and Chelsea on Tuesday. That was tons of fun...so fun that we have decided to do it at least every other week. Two of us will keep the 3 kids...it actually worked out really well. That way the mommies can get some time alone and the kids can play together. I worked Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was a holiday for Brice....such a special surprise because I had forgotten that he gets the Friday and Monday of Monday holidays off. We just spent time together...all 3 of us. It was nice. Then I went to get my Mother's Day gift in the afternoon...ended up lasting for like 3 hours. I got a pedicure and manicure but the manicure looked AWFUL...so, I went back today after work and got it redone....it took FOREVER again!!! Ugh! The good thing is that my nails look the best they ever have...it was worth the wait but geez!

Work today was uneventful...THANKFULLY! The past two weekends have been crazy. A coworker told me today that I am insane for volunteering to work on Memorial Day...she is probably right. We will see. I will be on a liquid diet on Monday and clear liquid diet on Tuesday in preparation for my EGD and colonoscopy on Wednesday. Krista and I have started on a personal fitness program at the gym where I am committed to workout 30 minutes 3 times a week....this week has been difficult and next week will be even more difficult. BUT I CAN DO IT! Weight loss is still going well.

Rachel's pediatrician had her baby girl yesterday. I peeked my head into her room today and the baby is absolutely beautiful! Of course, Rachel's doctor is beautiful, so there ya go! Anyway, I didn't ask her name...completely forgot.


We will fly to Little Rock on Friday for Brice's parent's 40th wedding anniversary. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and celebrating such a special event with them. Just pray for Rachel to be cooperative during travel...we haven't flown since she was about 9 months old.

Welp, boring again, I know but that's what's going on with us. OH...I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy last night at the nail salon. I heard that this is the last season...anyone else heard that??? BUT, ironically, that is the ONLY episode that I have ever watched. I want to watch from the beginning so I am looking for anyone who has the first seasons on DVD. I can just rent it but would like to borrow if anyone close has it?????

greys anatomy

Oh, one more thing...Rachel played in the sprinkler today for the first time. You can tell how chunky someone really is when they are in a swimsuit...the main reason why I don't like to wear mine!! ha!! She had fun!


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