I had my procedures yesterday. I went to sleep, they did it, I woke up and went home. It really wasn't that big of a deal. I just wasn't prepared for the whole "you can't drive or lift more than 5 lbs for 24 hours!!!" WHAT??!! I have a 34 lb kid! Thankfully I have wonderful friends and Heather stayed at the house all day helping me with Rachel and doing my house work. I don't know that she reads this, but THANK YOU A WHOLE WHOLE BUNCH!!!! The doctor found a large polyp in my colon, removed it, and sent it for tests. He didn't seem concerned that it was cancerous but was sure that if I had waited until 50 (normal time to get routine colonoscopy) then it would have for sure turned into cancer. He also took biopsies of my duodenum, my small intestine and some others. I also have errosion at the base of my esophagus. EWW! Anyway, I will see him again next week for follow up.

Today, Rachel and I had girl day! =) We went and got her hair cut. It was a cute little place where they do kids cuts. She was a good girl!




What do you mean you can't tell a difference??? It's okay, I couldn't either but it was cute! Then we went to eat at Applebee's. Mommy can have a Weight Watchers meal there and Rachel got grilled cheese and applesauce! Then we went to Mardel and then home for a much needed nap (for Rachel...Mommy didn't get one today). I love spending time with her....especially when she is in a good mood and today was a great day for her. She's just growing up way too fast!!!

So, tonight Krista and I went to the gym like we do about 3 times a week but tonight she talked me into going to a belly dancing class....yes, you read that correctly...BELLY DANCING!!! It's okay, laugh as you get the mental picture in your head! It was humorous! It was quite hard, actually. I enjoyed myself...something different, that's for sure. Now she is wanting to try salsa dancing on Tuesday night because she can't go to belly dancing next Thursday because she is getting her wisdom teeth cut out. Lame excuse, I know!belly dancer

We are leaving for Little Rock tomorrow!! Can't wait to have fun!!!!


krista and ryan said…
Love the graphic.... cute. I wonder if that's how we looked last night.
Lainey-Paney said…
sorry 'bout the polyp.
happy that you had a great day with your uber-cute gal, and I think Belly Dancing sounds like a ton of fun!

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