I Wish My Life Was More Interesting!

Nothing really exciting to blog about, really. I worked today, I am working tomorrow. It was busy today and I didn't leave until 5:40...and forgot to clock out...DOH!

I went to the doctor yesterday...a new doctor. I liked her. I won't go into all of the details of my visit but she sent me to the lab to do a lot of blood work. She is doing a thyroid study, did a CBC, CMP, and some other stuff that I am not really familiar with. Just trying to figure out the root of my stomach and back pains. She referred me to the OBGYN (a new one) and a GI doctor (a new one). I LOVED LOVED LOVED my OB/GYN that delivered Rachel but she moved to the JPS system and that is not the ideal place to have a baby so she advised me to find a new doctor. =( I see a new one next Friday...we will see how it goes. I will discuss my fears of future pregnancies with her. I have been reading up on HELLP Syndrome which is what I had with Rachel and from what I am reading it is likely to happen again and happen earlier in the pregnancy...is it guaranteed? What is? But there is a greater chance. I just enjoy life right now and I am not quite sure I am ready for newborn "stuff" again...but I think my apprehension really comes from my fears of another bad pregnancy. New GI doc....I am glad about. It's closer to home and I wasn't just absolutely crazy about my last one....

Played softball last night...was the catcher...got injured.....that's all I gotta say about that...OH, we lost 11-12...bummer!

I haven't been taking many pictures of my kiddo lately...not sure why. We really haven't been anywhere to take good pictures. We will go in the next couple of weeks and get 18 month pictures taken and then hold off until she is 2...if I can! =P Here are some in her 3T clothes!!! Can you believe she can wear 3T!??!! She is starting to slim down a bit though...I noticed today...not a HUGE change, but I can tell!


Lainey-Paney said…
Happy Mother's Day!
~Denise~ said…
I'm glad to hear the doc is following up with some more testing after HELLP. I had HELLP with my first baby in 2003, and thankfully was HELLP-free in my second pregnancy, although I did develop gestational hypertension. Being informed about your health is a way to be your own best advocate and a true partner in your wellness.

Many blessings to you and best wishes,

*I found your blog via a google alert for HELLP Syndrome.

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