What Was I Doing....?

So, I would like to go back to the...."What Was I Doing A Year Ago From Today Game" again....please...just go with me...it will be over soon. If you are tired of it...don't read....

I have to back up a few days and recap because I missed a few important days....

Feb. 15th - FABULOUS baby shower at church
Feb. 16th - Dr. appointment...unscheduled...swelling, headache BP 149/99 - trip to L&D triage - blood work - normal - home - complete bed rest until baby comes. Another dr. appt scheduled for Wednesday (2 days from now with sono)
Feb. 18th - Dr. appointment with sono - BP BAD (can't remember)!!! - amniotic fluid was low. Back to hospital for overnight stay. Blood work was fine again. BP was GREAT while I was at the hospital. Baby measured 3 weeks ahead and at 34 weeks, 5 days was estimated to weigh 7 lbs, 4 oz and 20 inches!!!!
Feb. 19th - discharged home still on bedrest to follow up on Monday (this was Thursday) with dr. and another sono

So....today is February 20th and in order to not bore you with daily posts about what happens from here until the day that Lauren was born, I will just tell you that the Monday appointment went great but the following Friday appointment (February 27th) was BAD!!!! I was readmitted to the hospital on that day with HORRIBLE puffiness and they took two blood pressures in the office that day - the first was 149/114 and the second was 179/98!!! I did not go home from the hospital until Lauren was born!!! I will be posting pictures from now until March 12th of when I was in the hospital. I want to remember that time. I want Lauren to be able to read this someday and remember. I want Rachel to be able to read this and remember how much I missed her and hated being away from her and would cry when I talked to her on the phone. I couldn't talk to her everyday like I wanted because everytime I talked to her my blood pressure would be really bad because I missed her so much!! It was pitiful! That's why I am doing this.



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