We got A FOOT of snow this past Thursday!!!! It was crazy!! I headed out to work on Thursday morning and it had already started snowing. It snowed all the way to work and did not stop until midnight that next night. All day long at work we watched it snow. Many people went home early but I actually stayed late because there was talk that the temperature would drop below freezing Thursday night/Friday morning and the roads would be bad the next morning. I wanted to get everything wrapped up in case I wasn't able to make it to work Friday morning. Good thing because I wasn't. When I got home around 7:30 on Thursday evening I wasn't even able to pull into my driveway...there was too much snow. On Friday, we all stayed home. Brice did some work from home and honestly, it was the best day I have had in a long time. It was nice to not have to go to the grocery store or do anything but I got so much accomplished around the house. I got dishes done, clothes washed and things done that I would normally do on a Saturday. We even went outside and played in the snow. Lauren wasn't too excited about it but Rachel loved it! She has never built a snowman before!!! The snow was deeper than the dog was tall so it was funny to see her try to walk in it!

Many people lost power and had a rough few days and I am so grateful that we only lost power for about 10 minutes Thursday evening. So INCREDIBLY grateful!!!! I cannot say that enough. I remember a horrible ice storm we had back in I think 99 or 2000 and we were without power for a week I think. I can't imagine that with two small children.

It was a fun weekend. I had the privilege of singing solos the past two Sundays at church. I enjoy it so very much and am so blessed to have a music minister who allows me to use the talent that God has given me. It certainly isn't perfect but the message is the important part!


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