February 27, 2009
That was the day that I went to my doctor's appointment and did not go home. I went to the hospital and stayed...for 14 long days and nights...with lousy hospital outside world...UNTIL...

My friend and coworker BLD came to the rescue!!!! Bless her heart!! She was wonderful to me! She brought me Dr. Peppers and EXTRA lunches from the cafeteria when this pregnant girl (who was pregnant with 9+ lbs of baby...who cares if I didn't know how big she was...I KNEW HOW HUNGRY I WAS!!), and when I was allowed my 15 minutes a day once a day outings in my wheelchair...who wheeled me out....YEP, you guessed it....BLD herself! She even left me to be stung by bees one day!!! That's a whole nother post for another day!! Anyway, she deserves the "best friend/co-worker award" because she was so good to me while I was laid up in the hospital this day and so many more a year ago. I will never forget those days. How I longed to see my baby's face but knew that I would soon miss the days of her being tucked away inside....., 27, 2010....what did we do??? Took pictures to celebrate that little girl's life!!!! Here's a sneak peek...more to come later!!!!



I love this picture! She looks so sweet!!
Rachel Cox said…
Loved the "Reece" picture that you took at Walt Disney World! Precious!!!
Lainey-Paney said…
I promise to never leave you stranded in a wheelchair again. {bees or no bees.}

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