Some stuff about Rachel....

She has been taking dance since I think October, maybe??? She started out at one place and then they closed so she had to go to another place which we like SO. MUCH. BETTER. God is good, isn't He!!?? Anyway, we go every Monday night at 5:30. It has been a little more difficult trying to get there after work but I have arranged my work schedule so that I go to work early on Monday so that I get leave early to get her there on time...sometimes we get there on time...sometimes we don't! She has a recital in June. They will be doing a dance to the song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse "Hot Dog." They posted pictures of what her costume will look like this past week. It was also observation week so the parents could watch for the last 15 minutes. I took some pictures. Here are those pictures.

A Funny...

Yesterday morning Rachel was laying with Brice and we were all still in our pajamas. She pulled down the top of his t-shirt and this is how the conversation went:
Rachel: Daddy, why did you do that?
Brice: What?
Rachel: Why did you put hair on your tummy? (actually his chest)
Brice: (laughing) I didn't do it. That's just the way it is.
Rachel: Oh. Well, who did it?
Me: God did it.

She just cracks me up!!!!



Rachel Moss said…
How fun! I hope we can put Katelyn in dance some day.
Lainey-Paney said…
Oh, I just love that song!

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